We have a lot to be proud of, we have a glorious history, the history of those who would, could and was able, those who walked along the difficult, thorny path, but nevertheless interesting and so necessary for moving forward - to even more ambitious tasks and plans. Realizing what had been done before us, we have no other way - we are confident of our future.

Fertoing, Ltd. is a modern engineering company with rich experience in performing complex marine surveys, navigation and hydrographic as well as underwater technical support for construction and operation of subsea production facilities, sea, river and pipeline transport. For more than ten years, the marine engineers of Fertoing have performed their high-quality work in any part of the world, responding to the highest demands of customers and retaining the leading positions in the market in most rendered services.

In its activity the company uses advanced technologies, tracks the latest achievements of science and technology, constantly improves and modernizes the equipment park. The company's fleet is designed specifically for marine geophysical and geotechnical surveys, underwater surveys and construction. Naval vessels are regularly equipped with specialized survey complexes and a dynamic positioning system. Fertoing experts are ready to perform engineering and technical works at depths of up to 4000 m with the help of modern and unique equipment.

Major activities:

  • Integrated marine surveys
  • Engineering works
  • Hydrographic works
  • Deepwater operations with the use of ROVs
  • Engineering and geological work
  • Navigation support
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Development of integrated marine systems

Catalog of Fertoing