In order to get a job and succeed in Fertoing, it is important to have the following qualities, skills, abilities:

  • Leadership is the ability, willingness and desire to achieve goals, motivate and inspire others and take responsibility for the result.
  • Ability to make decisions independently is the ability to identify and distinguish between issues that require an independent solution without intervention of a direct leader or colleagues, willingness to take responsibility for decisions taken.
  • Desire for professional development is the desire to be a high-level expert in one’s field, an understanding of the areas of professional development and improvement, readiness for constant learning, self-education, increasing professionalism, and applying advanced knowledge in the work.
  • Ability to work in a team - the desire to be part of a team, to work together, not to compete with anyone, to share information, to join the work of the team, achieving higher results than with separate work of each team member.
  • Discipline is responsibility, honesty, the ability to effectively organize one’s work, respect for the existing norms and rules in the company, polite behavior.