People are a strategic factor that determines the future of the company, because it is people who do the work, provide ideas and allow the company to develop, so the quality of personnel determines the quality of the company as a whole. The development of the company Fertoing is inextricably linked with the development and quality of its personnel; we are interested in young, promising and ambitious specialists.

Work with the company's personnel is aimed at the development of human resources and is based on the following principles:

  • Formation of the employee pool;
  • Active internal training with involvement of company employees who have rich experience and knowledge, as managers of classes;
  • Competitive selection of candidates for work posts in accordance with the competence model and professional requirements of the company;
  • Application of international best practices;
  • Creative development of the staff and active team building;
  • Use of a balanced scorecard;
  • Cooperation with leading universities.

We strive to ensure that each employee brings the maximum benefit and is useful while enjoying his work!