Fertoing Ltd. is a team of professionals who have united their efforts to provide innovative engineering services based on the use of advanced technologies that anticipate the expectations of their consumers.


  • Safety, health and environmental protection
  • Achieving outstanding results
  • Providing high-quality and innovative services
  • Team and high professionalism of employees
  • Customer orientation
  • Professional reputation

Quality Policy

Fertoing, Ltd. is a diversified organization that carries out works in the field of integrated marine research, innovative research, development and implementation of system engineering solutions for production and construction of marine, pipeline and river transport facilities. Fertoing is a leading company in the field of marine engineering research in the Russian market.

The policy of Fertoing, Ltd. in the field of quality is to continuously improve performance of the services and work to meet the highest requirements and expectations of customers; for this purpose, Fertoing, Ltd. is committed to continuously improve the effectiveness of the organization's quality management system and comply with all the applicable requirements in accordance with the international standard ISO 9001: 2015.

The policy of Fertoing, Ltd. in the field of quality is determined by the following basic principles:

1. Honesty, conscientiousness, openness, respect for people and care for the environment. We are sure that combination of these values which underlie the business will allow us to provide our Customers with professional services of high quality and build trustful relations with our partners.

2. Long-term profitability, proper evaluation of commercial and investment risks, as well as steady increase in the well-being and professionalism of our employees is the main factor contributing to implenentation of the commercial goals of the company and its continuous development.

3. Doing business based on honesty, integrity and fairness in all its aspects and expecting the same from its partners. We consider it unacceptable to offer, give, demand and take bribes in any form. Employees should avoid conflicts between personal and professional interests.

4. A systematic approach to quality management, OSH management, industrial and general security, and environmental protection in order to continuously improve achievements.

5. Fair competition, compliance with the ethics of business conduct, in accordance with applicable law. Fertoing will be pleased to see those who adhere to similar business principles as business partners.

6. Using modern technology and applying the latest technology to improve the quality of the work performed.

These business principles apply to all large and ordinary transactions, as well as determine the appropriate behavior of Fertoing employees in carrying out their activities at all stages.



The policy of Fertoing, Ltd. in the field of labor protection and industrial safety is based on continuous improvement of the OHS management system introduced in the Company, the purpose of which is to protect life and health of employees and ensure safe working conditions.

The policy of Fertoing in the field of labor protection and industrial safety is determined by the following basic principles:

  1. People are the main value of our company;
  2. Preserving life and health of employees is the basis of the company's activities;
  3. Security in all areas of the company;
  4. Systematic approach to the management of occupational safety issues, based on assessment and management of occupational hazards;
  5. OHS management in accordance with the established principles of the company;
  6. Implementation of production activities in accordance with the requirements of existing legislation, international best standards and own regulatory documents in the field of OHS;
  7. Special attention and ensuring safe work conditions at hazardous production facilities;
  8. Implementation of the main OHS provisions in the corporate culture of employees;
  9. Encouraging a healthy lifestyle among the company's staff;
  10.  Continuous improvement of the preventive culture in OHS.

Fertoing. Ltd. considers following these principles as a pledge of the optimal combination of economic and industrial interests of the company with the social and economic needs of the society in OHS.