14 September 2016


Fertoing, Ltd. has proposed to develop a unified geoinformational database of maritime heritage objects and improvement of legal documents in this area.

The meeting of Inter-department Commission on Maritime Heritage of the Marine Board under the Russian Federation Government was held in Arkhangelsk within the VI International Forum "For the glory of the Navy and of the Fatherland" dedicated to the 75th anniversary of arrival in the Soviet Union of the first union convoy "Dervish".

In his speech, Director of "Fertoing" Artem Melnikov informed meeting participants on the progress of the Company's scientific search in the Arctic and made a number of proposals on improving activity of the Association "Maritime Heritage: explore and preserve."

Among the proposals of the Company is creation for the participants of the Association of a single common information space for exchange of scientific and practical information, development of regulatory documents governing preservation activities of maritime heritage of the state, as well as formation of a unified geoinformational database (registry) of the maritime heritage objects, participants of their preservation and work performed in the country. In addition to the state and public organizations operating in the field of the maritime heritage preservation, it was proposed to invite to the Association business organizations and representatives of scientific community which already work in the field or are interested in such work.

Implementation of these proposals will allow the Association to consolidate profile historical community for the study and preservation of maritime heritage and provide expert evaluation and assessment, scientific and information support of works carried out in Russia on the search and identification of maritime heritage objects.

At the end of the meeting, the inter-department commission recommended that the Government of Arkhangelsk region and command of the Northern Fleet of the Russian Federation Ministry of Defense support the further scientific and research expeditions in the waters of the Arctic seas. 

For reference:

Interdepartmental Commission on Maritime Heritage of the Marine Board under the Government of the Russian Federation was established in 2010 to address the most acute problems in the field of research, preservation, use and information support of maritime heritage. The Commission was entrusted formation of the legal framework on maritime heritage, registry preparation and atlas of maritime heritage (including objects located abroad), as well as creation of scientific and educational centers dealing with marine heritage issues. The work of the Inter-department Commission on maritime heritage is in charge of Admiral Vyacheslav Popov.