13 July 2017


The results of questionnaire of Fertoing employees held on the World Day for Work Safety and Health on April 28, 2017 were summed up. 21 division of the company took part in the questionnaire with more than 160 employees (almost 50% of the total number of employees of Fertoing, Ltd.) participating in the questionnaire, except for specialists on business trips or holidays.

The testing was carried out by OSH service which is managed by Chief Engineer Service of Fertoing, Ltd. The results of the questionnaire showed a high level of knowledge of the company's employees in matters of industrial safety, work security, work with harmful and dangerous production factors, as well as precautionary measures which must be followed both by the staff and the employer.

According to the final indicator "Average score by subdivision", the following units of the company Fertoing showed the best result:

1 st place - Department of engineering-geological works

2 nd place - Documentation Processing Unit

2 nd place - Documentation Processing Unit

Fertoing carefully and responsibly works on implementation of the OSH rules. The projects of the company onshore and offshore require the strictest observance of all safety rules which meets both the internal policy of the company and the requirements of the customers. All the employees of Fertoing team are sure: strict adherence to safety rules is the key to the quality of the most difficult and responsible work on the project!