21 September 2017


On September 22, 2017 in St. Petersburg there will be held a scientific and practical meeting "Development of environmentally friendly technologies for dredging in the Arctic zone of the Russian Federation: possible risks and prospects", among its speakers there will be specialists of Fertoing, Ltd. Employees of the company prepared for students a difficult "brainstorm" on dredging in the Ob Bay of the Kara Sea, as well as a photo exhibition dedicated to the work of experts in the Arctic.

The meeting organized by the Arctic Youth Competence Center and Fertoing, will bring together students from leading Russian universities in the fields of telecommunications, maritime and river transport, oil and gas production, hydrographic and environmental research, geological exploration, meteorology. Within the framework of the session on September 22, 2017, a brainstorming session will be held for students on "Features of dredging in the Arctic zone on the example of projects implemented in the Ob Bay." Tasks for the "brainstorming" were prepared by the Fertoing experts - Deputy Chief Engineer Yevgeny Lukanin, Head of Environmental Monitoring Department Alexey Gustaitis, an expert on teaching and methodical work of the External Relations Department Anna Kurenkova.

Employees of the company set a task for students participating in the "brainstorming" with an eye to the future. In 2017, with the participation of Fertoing, construction of a 50-kilometer sea channel in the Ob Bay on the Arctic peninsula of Yamal has been successfully completed. In connection with the active development of Yamal, intensity of the movement of large tonnage vessels along the canal will grow. Therefore, the students need to compose and argue proposals for unloading the sea channel. The participants of the "brainstorming" will have to justify the plan taking into account many factors, from economic profitability to environmental impact. Fertoing will provide the students with all the necessary input data collected during the work on creation of the seaport of Sabetta and awaits interesting and daring proposals from the participants in the "brain storm". Its results will be evaluated by the specialists of Fertoing, and the best participants of the brainstorming session will be trained in the company.

In addition to presentations by speakers and development of brainstorming, Fertoing will also present a photo exhibition dedicated to the development of the Russian Arctic.

The scientific and practical meeting " Features of dredging in the Arctic zone on the example of projects implemented in the Ob Bay" will be held in St. Petersburg at Crowne Plaza, Startovaya, 6, letter A. Registration for students and postgraduates who wish to participate in the conference, is available by the link.