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Fax +7 (812) 240-44-91
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Business Centre

Office А7060, 40-4/A, Pulkovskoe shosse, St.Petersburg, Russia, 196158
TECHNOPOLIS business centre

  • Ring-road exit plan (from Kronstadt) Ring-road exit plan (from Kronstadt)
  • Ring-road exit plan (from Kronstadt)
  • Ring-road exit plan (from Murmanskoye shosse)
  • Ring-road exit plan (from Murmanskoye shosse)
  • Access plan (from Moskovskaya station)
  • Turn from the ring-road side
  • Access plan from Airport railway station to Technopolis
  • Access plan from airports to Technopolis
  • Access plan from Pulkovo-2 to Technopolis
  • Access plan from Moskovskaya station to the shuttle bus stop
  • Shuttle bus stop map
  • Public transport map
  • Nearest transport junction points

For Business Centre Guests

All guests should inform about their visit in advance using the information desk phone or cell phone.
A Company representative will meet you in the ground floor lobby or near the elevator at the Company floor.

You do not need to show your passport or ID at the information desk as there is no registration.


There are special parking places for guests that are marked with P1 sign and places for tenants.
Access to the parking area must be approved by a company representative; otherwise security staff
has the right to deny access to the guest parking.

Shuttle Bus

Technopolis business centre is within 4 min from Pulkovo airport and 7min from Moskovskaya
subway station. For our guests’ convenience there is a free of charge shuttle bus from Moskovskaya
subway station to Technopolis.

Shuttle timetable
schedule_technopolis.pdf 175Кб

Training Centre

Like the main office, Fertoing Training Centre is located in the Technopolis business centre.
You need to reach Lobby B (the second lift hall) and get to the 5th floor, office В5081.

Fertoing Production Support Base

Address: 1, Mira str., Lomonosov

Pass Control

Vehicle access to the base is granted by a special pass – permanent or one-time.

The one-time pass is issued:

  • when a vehicle comes to pick up goods for delivery or delivers goods, materials etc.;
  • upon signature of a top manager or a person with the right to sign such documents.

To leave the base territory you need to sign the given pass by a person in charge of
passes with their full name, stamp etc.