Portable drilling rig Vector ВР-3.354

Portable drilling rig Vector ВР-3.354 is a platform for drilling  geotechnical wells. It allows drilling vertical as well as inclined holes with different ways: core drilling (circulation and dry), auger drilling, air hammer drilling, rolling cutter drilling. One of its advantages is a mast with feed stroke 3540 mm which can handle drilling pipes 3200 mm long. The unit enables:

  • drilling exploration wells;
  • carrying out geotechnical research;
  • drilling water wells in the rock of different complexity;
  • carrying out soil  grouting;
  • drilling concrete plugs in existing wells;
  • carrying out technical and construction work.


It is possible to carry out work in various complexity degree rocks, from the 1st to the 12th in wide temperature range which is essential for Northern regions of Russia. This model is complete with Yanmar Japanese diesel engine and Marzocchi Italian hydraulic pump.

Drilling unit is equipped with steel sleds allowing it to work robustly in winter. One more essential advantage of Vector ВР-3.354 is its combination of capacity sufficient for wide range of work and moderate weight (1800 kg in total).

Main features:

Drilling rack
Rotary unit Floating spindle
Max. torque 2470 Nm (247kgs)
Revolution 0 – 210 rev/min with fine adjustment
Feed system Hydraulic cylinder with drilling line
Feed stroke 3540 mm
Extraction force 5100 kg
Feed thrust 3100 kg
Feed rate 0,6 m/sec
Oil-pumping station
Engine Diesel, Yanmar 4TNV98T (Japan)
Hydraulic system pressure 210 atm. (21 MPa)
Hydraulic control valves META (Italy)
Hydraulic pump Marzocchi (Italy)
Transport length 5100 mm
Width 1840 mm
 Transport height 2350 mm
Work height 3700 mm
 Oil tank volume  120 l
Empty weight 1420 kg
Laden weight  1540 kg
Hydraulic system  Remote-cylinder open system