Seaeye TIGER

The ROV Seaeye Tiger is designed for subsea objects location and inspection, carrying out subsea engineering activities determined by the installed hydrographic equipment. 

The ROV Seaeye Tiger system can be employed for various tasks:

  • Pipeline TDP monitoring, freespan location and assessment using Tritech Super SeaKing Dual Frequency Profiler (DFP);
  • Location and control of the target depth of pipelines, cables etc. below the seabed level using Tritech SeaKing Parametric Sub Bottom Profiler (SBP);
  • Multibeam bottom survey, location of subsea objects including pipelines and other man-made and naturally occurring objects using Tritech SeaKing SideScan Sonar (SSS);
  • Complex survey of subsea pipelines and underwater parts of hydraulic constructions;
  • Inspection of subsea pipelines and underwater parts of hydraulic constructions;
  • Visual and instrumental monitoring of subsea engineering works;
  • Technical support to diving.

Technical Specifications

Depth rating (with a garage), msw 1000
Depth rating (free-fly), m 300
Weight in air  (without additional equipment), kg 139
Max. length, mm 1030
Width, mm 700
Height, mm 590
Forward/backward speed, knots 3+
Lateral speed, knots 1.5
Vertical speed, knots 1.5
Fore/aft BP, kg 62
Lateral BP, kg 43
Vertical lift BP, kg 22
Working load, kg 32

A ROV pilot controls the ROV from the surface control unit using an electrical compound cable. The ROV can move in any direction or when in the auto-pilot / auto-heading/ -depth modes remains at the set depth or heading. The pilot controls the ROV video surveillance system, lighting and any other equipment depending on the system configuration and tasks.