Beginning of 2002, a small group of young like-minded people in the field of engineering support of the RF Navy stepped up with an initiative to establish an engineering diving team on the basis of GT Morstroy ZAO.

Due to rapid increase of works performed, 01 June 2002 it was decided to form and engineering survey department. The department was to perform all works on technical survey of hydraulic facilities (during major repairs and reconstruction) and engineering technical support to all design and construction projects of the company. There were 3 members of the department at that time.

The actual starting point of department foundation became engineering survey of the Taganrog Ship Repair Yard JSC hydraulic facilities prior to major repairs. Despite wide range of tasks all works including creation of geodetic datum and diving operations, preparation of reports and checking calculations were done by the department staff.

During the year, we conducted construction engineering survey of industrial facilities, subsea works on Taganrog Ship Repair Yard ship slips disassembly.

In 2004 Fertoing completed 7 projects in the ports of St. Petersburg, Taganrog, Yeisk.