In 2003 GT Morstroy ZAO engineering survey department commenced issuing hydraulic facility certificates and opened a new stream of complex dredging operations management (establishment of navigation, approach channels in the maneuvering and operational waters of the RPK-Vysotsk LUKOIL-II terminal, Vysotsk, Leningrad Region).

During the year, specialists carried out engineering support to dredging, drilling-and-blasting operations in the waters and channels of the RPK-Vysotsk LUKOIL-II terminal under construction.

The department team consisted of 3 members.

In 2003 we completed 11 projects in the ports of St. Petersburg, Taganrog, Yeisk, Vysotsk, Ust-Luga.

March 24, 2003, GT Invest is established within GT Morstroy Group of Companies which would become Fertoing Ltd. since May 25, 2006.