May 25, 2006, GT Invest Ltd. acquired the name Fertoing Ltd. that started its long and successful history of development.

Thanks to thorough teamwork, the company managed to get leading positions in the field of engineering support to marine hydraulic facility construction.

Fertoing performed 15 hydraulic facility surveys in the Port of Arkhangelsk, hydrographic and magnetic pre-dredging surveys of the Kuznechikha River.

As per FSUE Rosmorport order, we carried out complex hydrographic works in the ports of St. Petersburg, Vyborg, Ust-Luga, Vysotsk, Murmansk with further supply of the received data to the Central Mapping Agency №280.

Fertoing commenced works at the St. Petersburg Flood Protection Barrier Complex that was going to last up to 2010, the year of marine part construction termination.

Fertoing carried out complex engineering works on location and coordination of water intakes, sewage discharge points and drain tunnels in the Neva River and the Gulf of Finland water areas.

An important experience in remote areas far from base facilities was performing the MBES of the Bratsk Reservoir at the Kovykta-Sayansk-Irkutsk underwater pipeline crossing.

In the foundation year the company consisted of 2 main departments: the engineering survey and hydrographic departments, altogether 39 people.

In 2006 we completed 72 projects in the ports of St. Petersburg, Severodvinsk, Arkhangelsk, Saratov, Murmansk, Taganrog, Lomonosov, Kronstadt, Vysotsk, Vyborg, Ust-Luga.