Assessing the results of the passing year 2013, we can proudly say that we have been able to pass this tough exam coping with engineering challenges, building the company history and contributing to the history of our country.

This year, Fertoing completed more than 200 engineering missions all over the Russian Federation from Kaliningrad to Kamchatka and from Murmansk to Sochi. For us this is one more year of significant growth in the performed work scope, upgrading of applied engineering solutions, quality control improvement.

It is gratifying that in 2013 our training centre has been fully launched; we carried out training for the specialists of Lukoil and started permanent trainings for our company employees.

The volume of marine engineering operations carried out on the continental shelf of the Russian Federation expanded greatly in order to ensure long-term energy independence of our country. Throughout the season of 2013, these operations were carried out in the Barents, Kara, Pechora and Okhotsk shelf seas.

Construction of the Seaport of Sabetta, the largest and northernmost LNG offloading terminal above the Arctic Circle, has been fully commenced. More than 30 employees were engaged in the marine, engineering, diving and navigational support to construction of berths, water areas and the approach channel in the Seaport of Sabetta in harsh Arctic conditions.

We are pleased that we managed to provide our Customers with up-to-date, high-quality services and effective solutions deepening our mutually beneficial cooperation.