Geotechnical investigations

Geotechnical investigations for design of shipping facilities in the Sabetta seaport

Every project starts with a survey, the study of natural conditions at a construction site starts long before the design team commences its work. But very few people have thought how difficult this stage can be in the Arctic offshore, absolutely wild and desert only several years ago, without supply bases, shipping or infrastructure. 

In 2014, our specialists performed a range of engineering and geotechnical services at the entrance of the Ob Bay in the Kara Sea in order to provide data on physical and mechanical properties of the future dredging area. In total more than 200 boreholes were drilled in the shortest possible time which in turn allowed to perform further project activities and start dredging in due course. New depths in the shipping channel make it possible for nuclear icebreakers and LNG carriers to call into the port area.