Dredging operations in the approach channel and inner basin in the Sabetta seaport 

Despite all difficulties of working in the harsh Arctic environment, our specialists succeeded in completion of all the tasks for the construction of the Sabetta seaport facilities. By the beginning of navigation in 2014, the project team had two years of persistent and effective work on the project which resulted in gaining expertise necessary to prepare for the next season. However, there was a part of the work scope that has never been done by anybody before us, namely, operations at the sea shipping channel of such volume and so far to the North. The most challenging task was to provide 24/7 operation of the dredging fleet. We had to work without any established infrastructure or procurement base, either onshore or offshore.

Only in 2014, after completion of the planned engineering and construction work scope for establishment of shipping water facilities in the approach channel to the port, it became clear that our 2-year experience was only a prelude for the most challenging part – operations in the shipping channel. It has been a major and most challenging project in the world and a personal act of courage of each and every one. It has been a challenge that brought us together in a team capable of solving even such inconceivable tasks.