Complex marine system development

Creating advanced models of specialized equipment and software for production needs to increase the competitive advantages of the company is the strategic task of the Research and Development Department (R&D).

The department consists of the development sector, production and process sector and support sector that unite highly qualified programming, electrical engineering, and circuit design specialists.

All developed hardware and software passes rigid control and inspection during site acceptance testing in different regions of Russia and severe weather conditions.   

At the end of 2011, an Automated Hydrological Monitoring System Tide Control™ developed and manufactured by Fertoing was tested in the model basin of the Krylov Central Scientific Research Institute with excellent results and certified in the Federal Agency on Technical Regulation and Metrology of the Russian Federation. This system allows to perform constant monitoring of tide and wind data, collect, process and send it to the Client in real time. This equipment has a proven record of support to dredging, offshore drilling and marine construction. 

  • Development of hardware and software systems to perform tasks in the field of high-precision positioning, wireless data transfer and MEMS integration;
  • Development of innovative geo-information systems with digital tools for spatial data administration and handling, process modeling, data processing visualization and interpretation using cutting-edge hardware and software;
  • Development of automated hydrological monitoring systems including devices for remote monitoring;
  • Development of integrated data storage, processing and transfer systems based on GIS-data;
  • Software development for internal company needs.