Environmental monitoring

A complex system designed for monitoring of the environment externally influenced by natural and man-made factors is the basis for environmental and industrial safety of offshore operations. The offshore environment cannot be underestimated, and will not allow to be neglected; any kind of man-made impact on the fragile marine ecosystem can be uncorrectable. We realize the level of importance in this area and our commitment to high quality standards.


  • In situ environmental data acquisition, monitoring and reporting of critical tolerances;
  • Predictions and timely warnings of dangerous natural phenomena;
  • Metocean and cartographic data collection, post-processing, interpretation and presentation;
  • Water column profiling  to study physical properties diversity;
  • Hydrological monitoring including tides, currents and wave patterns;
  • Water, bottom sediments and gas sampling for further assessment of their chemical properties and pollution;
  • Sediment tracing in harbors, channels and fairways;
  • CTD-profiling to provide series data on measured hydrochemical parameters.