Geological survey

To carry out integrated geological survey performed at the stage of pre-design works in the course of marine, river and pipeline transport facilities design and clarifying surveys during their construction in the end of 2010 the Geological Survey Department was established as a part of the company’s structure.

The scope of work performed by the personnel of the department includes inert material volume calculations of subsea quarry and fields. The department operates electrical vibrocorers capable of taking samples of 6m depth from 500m depth.

Main department activities:

  • field studies of physical and mechanical properties of the subsurface strata;
  • detailed stratigraphic profiling;
  • geophysical exploration;
  • soil sampling down to 6m using electric vibrocorers at depths of 500m;
  • sampling of the soil bottom layer using benthos corers and box corers;
  • rapid analysis of soil samples characteristics;
  • selective sampling for further laboratory analysis;
  • office processing and geological survey reporting.