Hydrographic services

The hydrographic department started its history in 2004 when a special survey team was established for dredging monitoring at the seaway channel of the RPK-Vysotsk LUKOIL-II terminal. It managed to take leading positions on the Russian and international market of onshore and offshore hydrographic engineering, high precision navigation and marine geodetic operations and survey over a short period of time.

Today, the engineering and technical resources – personnel and equipment – of the department, being the largest in the company, are unique. 45 people work in the department being the largest in the company.

Main department activities:

  • Integrated navigational and hydrographic support to SPU development including support to ROV operations;
  • Engineering or complex navigational and hydrographic support (QC) of dredging operations, installation of subsea pipeline sections, installation and connection of subsea structures, and other technically complicated underwater engineering operations;
  • Integrated hydrographic operations ensuring safe navigation, including submission of materials to the Cartographic Agency of the Navy of the RF Ministry of Defense for further nautical charts compilation and publication of notices for mariners;
  • SBP while dredging for further laboratory soil types stratification analysis within construction and development of marine transport facilities;
  • High-accuracy navigation of floating and fixed facilities under the conditions of sustainable remoteness from the shore with the use of satellite, inertial and underwater positioning systems;
  • Land survey in the course of design, construction and operation of engineering facilities;
  • Search and high-accuracy location of subsea objects using hi-tech search facilities including MBE, SBE, SSS and RSS, towed magnetometer, and pipe and cable tracking system for surface vessels and ROVs.