Navigational support

The participation of Fertoing in design and construction of the hydraulic facilities in the special sea oil port Kozmino (Nakhodka, Far East) is considered to be the starting point for development of this department. The Port of Kozmino is the terminal point of the East Siberia–Pacific Ocean pipeline system. Fertoing provided the new port with aids to navigation, designed and installed 4 leading lines, and equipped water areas and approach channels with beacons.

Nowadays, Fertoing performs similar works in the ports of Sochi, Tuapse, St.Petersburg, Vysotsk, Sabetta and Ust-Luga, Vanino, Vladivostok and Kavkaz.


  • Development and approval of design and evaluation documents to equip marine and river transport facilities, approach channels and established routes with aids to navigation;
  • Review of existing aids to navigation, recommendations for improvement according to the latest applicable standards;
  • Navigation safety analysis and navigation safety systems development;
  • Development and approval of established routes corrections
  • Development of aids to navigation patterns for sea and river ports under reconstruction, established routes and harbors;
  • Designer technical supervision over aids to navigation construction;
  • Complex hydrographic land survey for aids to navigation construction and installation;
  • Delivery, installation and commissioning of aids to navigation;
  • Design and delivery of autonomous power supply systems for navigational aids modernization;
  • Marine transport facilities commissioning – harbors, fairways, approach channels, anchorage areas.