Training center

The training centre of Fertoing provides favourable environment for training and personnel competence improvement using cutting-edge simulators.

The training centre is equipped with VMAX XLX Console Simulation Package that is a complete replica of the actual work-class Triton XLX 150HP ROV console designed for ROV pilot training and subsea engineering operations modeling. The simulators’ software allows downloading a variety of standard (or customized) scenarios as well as modifying a multitude of variables: visibility, current direction and speed, umbilical and tether tension, etc. within the chosen scenario to achieve the effect of reality and assess safety of the actual operations.

There is a simulator of a pipelaying barge or an offshore support vessel wheelhouse that allows to simulate interface and positioning of technical fleet, divers, ROV, AUV, etc.

In order to conduct training of divers, ROV pilots, simulate subsea engineering operations and check functionality of hydrographic equipment, a training basin was installed at the production support base.

Main objectives of the training center:

  • Planned training and refresher courses for personnel;
  • Regular upgrade of personnel competency in specific areas of activities;
  • Keeping of high-quality competency level and qualifications of personnel;
  • Training process management for specific tasks;
  • Development of new and update of existing training programmes and methods;
  • Collaboration with field-oriented higher and secondary education institutions for specialized training and internship of target employees;
  • Accumulation and systematization of work experience.