ROV operations

From the very beginning, Fertoing is actively developing sea depths. Over the years, maritime and pipeline transport development requires us to improve engineering complexity of work, push up to the limits, increase depth and time spent subsea. To meet customers’ requirements and anticipate their demands we set more and more ambitious objectives. Today, the company is ready to perform engineering works at depths down to 3000 msw using remotely operated vehicles.

 Currently, the ROV Service operates:

  • Seaeye TIGER, observation-class ROV rated to 1000 msw – 1 unit;
  • Mojave, observation-class ROV rated to 1000 msw – 1 unit;
  • TRITON XLX 150HP, work-class ROV rated to 3000 msw – 2 units;
  • Comanche, light work-class ROV rated to 2000 msw – 2 units.

Comanche and TRITON XLX manufactured by FORUM ENERGY TECHNOLOGIES are the most popular multifunctional and proven equipment designed for subsea operations around the globe. They are capable of performing a wide range of tasks through the whole depth range – from inspection and diving support to construction and operation of SPU and wells.

The main ROV tasks are as follows:

  • Drilling support, both production and exploration;
  • Survey of different subsea facilities, bottom areas using a wide range of ancillary acoustic equipment including MBES, multibeam sonar, cameras,  NDT, CP and residual thickness testing equipment;
  • Subsea support to construction and operation of SPU facilities, assembly and disassembly, positioning, QC, including operation of manifolds;
  • Full range of bottom inspection activities using cameras and sonar, high-accuracy positioning of objects found;
  • Emergency recovery operations, steel wire cutting (up to 100 mm thickness), underwater facility slinging and unslinging, dislocation and dredging;
  • Support to saturation diving;
  • Research works including metocean data acquisition and environmental monitoring.